Look at some SD14 images (2009) and X3F tweaked dcraw page!

Sigma digital cameras and Foveon technology - links and information

Official sites
Sigma Corporation of America

Sigma SD14 usertips - a must read for any SD14 owner!
Øyvind Strøm compiled SD14 usertips page (usertips mirror, lensinfo mirror)
Exhausting information about SD14 camera usage, tips, using other lenses on SD14, links to information and much more.

Solsangs guide to DP1 & DP2 - a must read for any DP series camera owner!
Advice on using the sigma dp1 & dp2 cameras (mirror)
Selected experiences from the dpreview sigma forum and solsang.

Sigma cameras related forums
DP Review Sigma SLR Talk Forum
Almost official Sigma (D)SLR forum with most content, discussion, technical tips, sample images, flamewar and trolling.
SigmaUserForum · from photgraphers · for photographers
Sigma DSLR part of many cameras dedicated forum. Less users but higher quality content than on DP Review. Images are visible only after registering!
Фототехника Sigma
Discussions about Sigma cameras and lenses at club.foto.ru - in russian.
Sigma Cum Laude Forum
Sigma SD14 hacked to use Leica-R and Nikon-F mounts and lenses.

Other Sigma cameras and Foveon technology related sites and articles
Sigma Photo Pro - A resource for SPP users
"This site is a creation of Sigma camera user Scott Barton Kennelly, a photographer from Australia, who lives in south Florida, U.S.A." Click and see yourself!
Bob van Ooik X3 magazine
"Welcome to X3 magazine, here to show you the wonderful world as captured by the Sigma X3 Full Color Image sensor." Contains various information.
Carl Rytterfalk photography
Carl Rytterfalk blog about Sigma cameras, contains alot of useful info, images and much more.
Fovea Centralis
Very similar to my site - mostly links and papers. Certainly there are some differences - just take a look!

Alternative Vision publications
Foveon technology related publicatons. Look at other sections of this site too - there are some Foveon based products available!
X3F SIGMA Raw format documentation project
Some information about X3F file internals and decoding.
Sigma SD14 Resolution: 14 MP? 4.6 MP?
Sigma SD14 and Canon EOS5 5D comparison.
Correcting Chromatic Aberration of Digital Cameras (article mirror)
Chromatic aberration removal in Photoshop - Sigma DP1 case (from "rft's Photography / Tips & Tricks" pages).
Matt Merry blog
Sigma SD14 firmware hacking attempts.
Proxel X3F Tools
Open source X3F decoding tools by Roland Karlsson.
X3F extractor
Open source X3F information tools and preview extractor by Hiroshi Sakakibara.

Dave Coffin's RAW file decoder
Open source RAW file decoder, able to read and convert X3F files (currently only SD series) too.
X3F tool for SD14
Java application for developing SD14 RAW files, written by Chris Rijk.
monoVeon: monochrome Foveon X3F Convertor (algorithms page mirror) (package mirror)
Monochrome Foveon X3F Convertor (for all Sigma digital cameras), written by KeithM. Website describes Sigma DP1/DP2 RAW decoding algorithms too!
Corpus callosum X3F utilities for Mac OSX (package mirror)
X3F utilities - Spotlight importer and Quicklook plugin for Mac OSX, with source provided.
Sigma DP1 Digital Camera Review and FAQs
Sigma DP1 review and FAQs, created by Zack Smith.
Sigma DP2s Digital Camera Review and FAQs
Sigma DP2s review and FAQs (including lot of photgraphic tests), created by Zack Smith.
Sigma cameras information, FAQs, howto and forum (in russian).
Sigma DP-1, DP-2, DP-3... - компакт с матрицей от зеркалки!
Long thread about Sigma DP series on leading russian technology forum (in russian).
Sigma DP-1, DP-2, DP-3... - компакт с матрицей от зеркалки! (часть 2)
Part 2 of previous thread about Sigma DP series on same forum (in russian).
Sigma DP1 review
Sigma DP1 review and some technical articles comparing Foveon and Bayer technologies, written by Boris van Schooten.
SD15 + lightroom workflow
Alternative workflow to make SD15 files usable in Lightroom, created by Paweł Olas.
Sigma DP1x - nothing but imageSigmadp1x
Krzysztof Rożnowski Sigma DP1x blog.

Do it yourself - some tips
Disassembling SIGMA SD14 IR filter
Simple guide about removal and reseating Sigma SD14 IR filter. Be careful!
Focus test chart (chart mirror)
Focus test chart and chart usage instructions.
Nikon D70 focus adjusting (schematics mirror)
Nikon D70 and Sigma SD14 mirror box schematics - they are similar.
Calibrating AF/MF for Sigma SD14 (mirror)
Do it only if you have no other choice :) Read other users comments too.
Additional note: use fluorescent light, this way you don't need to reseat IR filter after each calibration run. Of course you should initially take test images both with and without IRfilter - there can be some focus shift introduced by filter, what you need to take into account while testing without filter.
SD14 Sensor & Viewfinder Cleaning (article mirror)
Description about SD14 focusing screen cleaning, posted by iMac24.
SD9/SD10 focusing screen replacement (mirror)
Instructions about replacing SD9/SD10 focus screen to Katz Eye produced one - useful info for just cleaning focusing screen either.
SD10 internals (article mirror)
Very detailed images from disassembled SD10 camera (in czech).
SD14 disassembly
Very detailed instructions, how to disassemble SD14 camera - part of process of changing it to EOS mount.
Sigma DP1s external trigger (article mirror)
Add external trigger to DP1s, probably applicaple to other DP models too.
Sigma DP1m hot mirror removal (article mirror)
Sigma DP1m detailed disassembly instructions (with images) on dpReview forum.

Little nice utilities
Gary Bainbridge X3F file restore utility
Allows to restore X3F files, having truncated or appended some garbage - very useful to recover images in raw files, recovered from CF cards or after HDD crash.
Cezeo X3F processor
Allows to save any X3F file section, you can apply matrix transformations to raw image. Very useful for IR shots processing.
Drop'n'Decode X3F version 1.1
Decodes X3F file sections - sometimes useful to analyze raw file contents.
Multiplatform X3F decoder
Multiplatform X3F decoder library source and executables (project by Roland Karlsson).

Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) different versions (older ones are nonverified, use at your own risk!)
SPP 1.0 Windows, SPP 1.0 Mac
SPP 1.1 Windows, SPP 1.1 Mac
SPP 2.0 Windows, SPP 2.0 Mac
SPP 2.1 Windows, SPP 2.1 Mac
SPP 2.5 Windows
SPP 3.0 Windows
SPP 3.3 Mac
SPP 3.5 Windows
SPP 3.5.2 Windows
SPP 4.0 Windows
SPP 4.1.1 Windows
SPP 4.2.0 Windows, SPP 4.2.0 Mac
SPP 4.2.2 Windows
SPP 5.0 Windows

Technical documents, Foveon related papers
“FOVb” (.X3F) File Format External Specification (mirror)
Infrared and ultraviolet imaging with a CMOS sensor having layered photodiodes (©2004 SPIE) (mirror)
Real-time color imaging with a CMOS sensor having stacked photodiodes (©2004 SPIE) (mirror)
Operation and performance of a color image sensor with layered photodiodes (©2004 SPIE) (mirror)
Eyeing the Camera: into the Next Century (Richard F. Lyon and Paul M. Hubel, Foveon, Inc.) (mirror)
Foveon Technology and the Changing Landscape of Digital Cameras (Paul M. Hubel, Foveon, Inc.) (mirror)
Spatial Frequency Response of Color Image Sensors: Bayer Color Filters and Foveon X3 (Paul M. Hubel, John Liu, and Rudolph J. Guttosch, Foveon, Inc.) (mirror)
Color Aliasing Comparison: Bayer Color Filters and Foveon X3 (Rudolph J. Guttosch, Foveon, Inc.) (mirror)
Resolution for Color Photography (Paul M. Hubel and Markus Bautsch, Foveon, Inc.) (mirror)
Foveon X3® F13 Direct Image Sensor (mirror)
Foveon FO18-50-F19 4.5 MP X3 Direct Image Sensor (mirror)
Foveon X3® Pro 10M CMOS Direct Image Sensor F7X3-C9110 (mirror)
OPUS I Digital COlor Scientific Camera with Foveon® X3™ Technology (mirror)
Testing of Transient Radiation Noise Subtraction Using A Commercially Available 3-Color Visible Detector (mirror)
Test sample: Sigma SD14 camera test (mirror)

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