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X3F files preprocessor - my humble attempt to solve some common problems with Sigma images

Why to create yet another X3F processing application?
There are some common image problems with Sigma X3F images, which are impossible to solve using Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) and require postprocessing (sometimes extensive) in other image editors. Although SPP eveolves and newer versions contain more options than earlier ones, user has not enough control over raw data developing process.
Examples of common problems:

So are many users not satisfied with colors on SD14 (famous "green cast") and DPx cameras - old SD9 and SD10 have often more appealing color response. Although colors can be altered in postprocessing, achieving for example SD9-like result is often complicated.

Presented application requires Windows operating system - XP SP2 or newer.
Code is written in C# using Visual Studio Express 2008 and requires at least .NET 3.5 SP1 runtime (Client Profile should be enough).
Microsoft page to download .NET 3.5 SP1

This program doesn't require installation. You simply need to unpack program files somewhere (like into Program Files), preserving folder structure. Of course you probably will create shortcut to main program executable on desktop :)
X3FWorkshop executable and support files package (2014-11-24, version
While running, this program creates internal database in Windows user profile, local application data folder; additionally it may create some .NET related registry settings in current user profile. No other changes into registry and file system should be made.
To remove program from computer you can just delete its folder; purists can delete its database too.
In rare cases X3FWorkshop just crashes while starting. This is likely caused by some incompatibility between SQLite library loader and currently installed .NET version - in these cases just copy appropriate SQLite dll into executable folder and start it again.

Using of command line utilities
This project includes some command-line utilities to explore, change and recover X3F files. All these programs require X3FileLib.dll located in same folder as main program. There is currently no documentation included for these utilities, although X3FChange does show textual help when launched without any parameters.
X3Dump filename.x3f - just creates dump of internal metadata into text file. Do not use it on memory card!
X3Recover filename.x3f -ttemplate.x3f - attempt to recover corrupted file filename.x3f, using template.x3f as template for replacing missing file sections. Of course you should use image from camera and preferrably from same batch of images. For serious problems (like restoring from HDD crash) it is advisable to have all corrupted files in same folder - X3Recover may use next file to find missing sections from end of original file. Do not use it on memory card!
X3Change filename.x3f -(alot of options) - change selected metadata values in filename.x3f. You can use it to replace Custom WB data, change ISO, write correct lens data for old M42 lens etc etc. Do not use it on memory card!

Project status and feedback
Early alpha version, limited (but free) ongoing testing.
All Sigma cameras are supported, but DPx series and newer may experience unexpected problems.
Implemented so far:

TODO list:

All ideas, bugs, questions, comments, sample images etc are welcome. Please use following address for feedback - arvo dot jagel at gmail dot com.

Licensing and source code
This program is and will remain free for everyone.
If someone is interested in source code, then please contact me at address, provided above.

Copying and feedback
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